Why Buy From Us?

Welcome to our online apothecary! 

You may be wondering why we recommend supplementation to our patients. It’s a great question and one that ties into what integrative functional medicine is and why we believe in this form of practicing medicine. 

We like to think about the body like it’s a beautiful plant in a flower pot. We take a watering can and pour the water into the top of the pot. Most of the water will be absorbed by the soil to be used by the roots to nourish the plant but some of the water will flow out of the bottom through the holes in the pot. 

This is the way the body is supposed to function - stuff pours into our body by choice or not. We choose what we eat and drink but we don’t choose things like toxins, stress, infections, etc. Unfortunately most of us have more than simply what we eat and drink entering our body... Read More

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